Reggio Emilia Philosophy of Childcare at KidsPark!

As we are implementing the Reggio Emilia approach to child care, we’ll provide an update each month on what we are working on. This month we’ll start with our image of the child and a poem that encompasses how we think of children. Please keep in mind this is an approach to child care, not a curriculum. An interesting side note, each of you can implement a similar approach, tailored to your beliefs, within your home environment.

At KidsPark, we see each child as competent, full of potential and active in constructing his or her own knowledge through interactions with others. We will be setting our environment for the children each morning with an idea of the children’s interests and abilities combined with the monthly theme. As the children arrive and participate in the activities, myself, the teachers and volunteers will try to understand as fully as possible the child’s viewpoint. We are working to display these “stories” on the primary bulletin board in the lobby and continuing to post stories and/or pictures to our Instagram and Facebook site to let our families know what is going on at KidsPark while they are away. We will still have snacks, a group time with stories and interactive activities, and a quiet time. During the morning session, we will be encouraging the children to share what they are learning from what has been set-out. In turn at the end of the day, the teachers and I will reflect on what we are learning with the children and evolve the classroom environment as the our relationships with the children and their families evolve.